FortiFood specializes in natural products which have been shown scientifically to be involved in disease process. The mechanism of action of natural substances should have some scientific basis or should at least be understood to some degree. It comes as no surprise then that the biggest portion of our customers consists of doctors and other health professionals. In fact, through his books, radio talks, discussions and consulting, Prof. Serfontein has played a substantial role in bringing about the change in perception towards natural medicine amongst many conventional doctors.

We strongly believe that there should be no distinction between “alternative medicine” and conventional allopathic medicine as still presently practised by some doctors. Since the true cause of diseases is always related to the natural processes that operate in the body (and which we try to identify and correct), attempts at healing must of necessity to a large extent be based on natural processes. We are therefore a proud sponsor of the South African Society for Integrative Medicine.

The information contained in this Website should not be construed as medical advice. If you are ill you should consult a health professional. Unless otherwise indicated, FortiFood products have not been tested in official clinical trials for efficacy in the prevention or treatment of disease, and should therefore not replace any medicine.

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