Dr Kelly was a dentist who cured himself of pancreatic cancer using enzyme therapy in the 1960s. He then developed a protocol of treating all kinds of cancer using a very holistic approach which included diet changes(restricted protein intake, raw juices) and enzymes. He emphesized raw food which still had active enzymes destroyed when food is cooked. He believed that cancer is often caused by the body’s inability to effectively metabolized protein because of a deficiency of proteolytic enzymes.

Kelly’s enzymes are given between meals so that they are not involved in the digestion of food but absorbed into the blood stream. According to this theory the enzymes digest the outer layer of the cancer cells opening the cells to attack by the immune system.

Raw food does contain a range of enzymes which start the digestive process when the food is eaten. Human beings are the only animal that actually cooks their food and depending on the method of cooking will destroy more or less of the enzymes present. Animals given cooked food only are much less healthy than animals given only raw food. Studies done with laboratory rats have shown that rats eating raw foods live about 30%  longer than rats eating diets devoid of enzymes. The group on cooked food showed a range of degenerative diseases and by the third generation, the group fed cooked food only could not reproduce.

Clearly the active and potent enzymes are important to health and while most of us think of enzymes only for the digestion of food the fact that enzymes can also pass into the blood and contribute to cancer control should be of major interest. Pancreatic enzymes also play a role in breaking down circulating immune complexes which contribute to inflammation and allergic reactions.

Kelleys enzymes should accompany any treatment plan for cancer and is used by many cancer centres around the world. Clearly it can also be used in the treatment of inflammation or any problem with digestion but in the latter case the pills should be given with meals.

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  1. Zelda Furstenberg
    @ 17:58

    Hi, sal graag wil weet of dr Kelly se ensieme voorkomend gebruik kan word of net tydens behandeling van kanker? Is dit spesifiek net vir die pankreas?

    Hoor graag van julle!

    Groete Zelda

  2. Administrator
    @ 10:01

    Hi Zelda,
    Dankie vir jou navraag. Die produk het verskeie voorkomende toepassings, maar wanneer dit vir kanker gebruik word moet dit slegs onder die toesig van ‘n gesondheidskundige geskied wat vertroud is met die gebruik daarvan.
    Die toepassings kan gevind word deur op die produk se “More information” te klik, of kontak gerus ons kantoor by 012 811 0432 (voor 12:00)


  3. Margie Hare
    @ 15:45

    I have been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer – primary site was a rectal tumour which has been removed but now metastases in the liver. I have opted not to do chemotherapy but trying an alkaline diet – fresh fruit, raw veg, nuts, no dairy, no red meat, no bread, no tea, coffee, or alcohol. Is there anything else I should be doing. My oncologist says there is no such thing as a “cancer diet” but I am trying anyway.

  4. Administrator
    @ 09:04

    You should see an integrative medicine practitioner immediately! That way you will get the best of both worlds. You may want to contact our office to assist in this regard. Good luck!

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