A valuable supplement for patients with gastro-intestinal problems, liver dysfunction and moderately raised cholesterol levels.

Dosage Form: Capsules
NAPPI: 704549-001
Pharmacological Action: Increases bile flow and protects intestinal mucosae. It generally protects the liver and improves liver function and in this manner lowers cholesterol. In clinical trials, artichoke leaf extract has been shown to lower cholesterol levels on average by 11,5% whilst triglycerides declined by 12,5%. (Townsend Letter for Doctors , May 2002, p97). Through enhanced bile flow it also promotes excretion of toxins. Another major benefit of artichoke has been the finding of its role in the dyspeptic syndrome (irritable stomach, nervous gastro-intestinal upsets, flatulence and irritable bowel syndrome ( Phytomed 1997, 4 : 369).
Indications: Gastro-intestinal problems such as irritable bowel syndrome, nervous upsets of the gut and stomach, stomach pain poor digestion , liver dysfunction and moderately raised cholesterol levels.
Warnings: Do not use in patients with gall stones or other bile duct obstructive diseases and use only under medical care during pregnancy and lactation. Always consult your health professional if you are seriously ill.
Interactions: None known
Pregnancy and Lactation: Insufficient reliable information; avoid using.
Directions of Use: Take two to three capsules in the morning and in the evening with meals.
Side Effects: A transient increase in flatulence has been reported in a very small number of patients.
Overdose Symptoms and Treatment : None described.
Presentation: Securitainer containing 90 capsules.

Each capsule contains:
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Price: ZAR 81.00
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