Nutritional supplement which may assist in maintaining normal blood homocysteine levels.

Dosage Form: Capsules
NAPPI: 701018-005
Pharmacological Action: Betaine (trimethylglycine) is a biological methylating agent. Reduces blood levels of homocysteine.
Indications: May assist in maintaining normal blood homocysteine levels.
None known
Warnings: Always consult your health professional if you are seriously ill.
Interactions: None known.
Pregnancy and Lactation: Insufficient reliable information; avoid using.
Directions of Use: Three to four capsules once a day. Adapt dosage depending on homocysteine levels to a maximum of six per day.
Side Effects: None described.
Overdose Symptoms and Treatment : None described.
Presentation: Plastic container or ziplok bag containing 90 capsules

Each capsule contains:
Ingredient Amount
BETAINE (TMG)     300.00 mg

Price: ZAR 60.00
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