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About Us


FortiFood Health Services (Pty) Limited is a born and bred South African online store.


Our vision is to provide relevant health information and top-quality products to health professionals and the broader knowledgeable public.

How it started 

FortiFood Health Services formed in 1996 from the efforts of the late Emeritus Professor WJ Serfontein, known fondly as The Prof. He dedicated his life and career at the Department of Chemical Pathology, and lecturer and researcher at the University of Pretoria, to unveil the underlying causes of illness. He studied several subjects, including medical biochemistry and pharmacology (Universities of Stellenbosch and Pretoria), culminating in his doctorate at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands. He conducted desk-top research for FortiFood until 2014.

His main tasks were the provision of information in respect to the latest developments on the health scene, developing new products and providing guidance to health professionals who recognise the importance of lifestyle and nutrition in health. He also regularly published scientific articles and is the author of several books on health topics, including heart disease and cancer.

His son, HE Serfontein (Enkie), has a financial background and has been responsible for the management of the company since its inception.

Did you know?

  • Shopping on FortiFood.co.za is 100% safe and secure.
  • Payments are secured by PayFast, SA’s secure online payment gateway.
  • We offer reliable delivery by courier to most parts of South Africa.
  • We offer a free Multinutrient (Multi-vitamin and mineral supplement) to senior citizens who order monthly (conditions apply).
  • Your satisfaction in all aspects of your experience with FortiFood is our highest priority which is why we guarantee your money back if you’re not satisfied with your purchase.

Please contact us for more information.

FortiFood 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

What We Specialise In

FortiFood specialises in natural products that have scientifically been shown to be involved in the disease process. The mechanism of action of natural substances should have some scientific basis or should at least be understood to some degree. It comes as no surprise then that the most significant portion of our customers consists of doctors and other health professionals. In fact, through his books, radio talks, discussions and consulting, Prof Serfontein has played a substantial role in bringing about the change in perception towards natural medicine amongst many conventional doctors.

FortiFood is a proud sponsor of the South African Society for Integrative Medicine SASIM (www.integrativemedicine.co.za) because we firmly believe that there should be no distinction between “alternative medicine” and conventional allopathic medicine as still presently practised by many doctors. Since the actual cause of diseases is always related to the body’s natural processes (and which we try to identify and correct), attempts at healing must of necessity to a large extent be based on natural processes.